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Join Tellent, The People Growth Collective

We connect people with the technology, knowledge, and partners they need to thrive in their jobs. Tellent's family is growing and actively looking for people just like you to join the group's amazing team.

Who is Tellent?

Tellent is the world's first People Growth Collective of employee lifecycle experts. We unite the best HR tech solutions on the market to enable People teams and leaders to succeed with the right tools at the right time.

Open positions


Tellent’s Family is always looking to grow!

Recruitee is the collaborative hiring software that helps internal HR teams work with the rest of their organization to hire better together.

Sympa is the fastest-growing, fully customizable HR solution provider in the Nordics that lets you focus on your people.

Javelo is an HR solution that helps you retain your talent better through innovative managerial processes and performance management.

KiwiHR is the ideal solution for personnel management in small and medium-sized companies made to optimize your HR processes.

Our mission

Tellent's mission is simple: to unite the fragmented HR tech market and become the go-to place for best-in-class HR software.

Our vision

By educating, igniting growth, and removing obstacles in tooling and processes, Tellent guides People leaders to create a better world of work.

Tellent's Values







"At the core, we are people-first,  collectively collaborative, reliable and helpful, easy to work with, but fresh and open-minded in our views."

Perry Oostdam CEO at Tellent, Co-founder of Recruitee


Keizersgracht 313, 1016 EE Amsterdam, The Netherlands